About Us

About Us

Deluxe Jewelery. has become one of the dominant players in jewellery retail because of its commitment to deliver delightful shopping experience, aesthetic designs and value for money to its customers.

Today Deluxe Jewelery has Become the Largest and Essential Platform for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Retailers & End-users to Exchange & Showcase its Finest Products.

Some people frequently buy Jewelery for their loved ones and feel that the collection availed to them is not really exciting and unique. Here at Deluxe Jewelery, we try to offer our customers with superior quality of jewellery online India at cheaper prices.

Why Choose Us?

Jewelery has always been the prime in any Indian wedding; women also consider buying them for wealth building too.
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Custom Jewelery

We create anything you can dream up or choose from our beautifully handcrafted custom jewellery.
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Jewelery Rapair

We treat your jewellery as if it were our own. We’ll take care of all your repair needs.
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Expert Consults

Let our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff help you with your next important jewellery purchase.

Latest Technology

We combine the latest technology with traditional hand skills to produce beautifully made jewellery.